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Miss Misty Shampoo - 500 ml

Miss Misty Shampoo - 500 ml
Miss Misty Shampoo - 500 ml
180.00 EGP

It is used to treat:

Accidental precipitation

Chronic shedding

Occasional baldness

The shampoo contains:

Jojoba oil

1- Helps clean the scalp, thus reducing hair loss.

2- Provides shine to hair, especially dry hair

3- It works to create a protective layer for the hair, which protects it from the factors of the atmosphere

4- It promotes hair growth and works to lighten the pores of the hair scalp

Vitamin E

It is one of the best natural antioxidants that have the ability to

1- Preventing hair loss

2- It works to restore the general balance of scalp oils and works to trap moisture in the scalp

3- Natural source: it is an extract of nuts and Brazil nuts


Caffeine blocks testosterone activity so that it is not converted into DHT

Testosterone is in its active state and then works to deliver complete nourishment to the scalp

Material Jojoba oil Vitamin E Caffeine
weight 500 mm

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